The ultimate directory of ChatGPT4 plugins

The most comprehensive and up-to-date list and classification of all the ChatGPT4 plugins available in the GPT4 plugin store.

Tom Tillo
4 min readAug 15, 2023


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Why do we need GPT4 plugins ?

GPT4 is trained on a data from the internet available till August 2021 - which means that any information available after that is unavailable to you via the model .

Enter plugins ! Now chatGPT4 has the capability to search the internet real time and extract data from any / many websites, without the limitation of having only data up to August 2021.

But that's not it — plugins have been customized to perform various tasks - like generate maps , create music , search YouTube transcripts and even entertain you with random clips from NASA !

About this directory of plugins

But there are a ton of plugins ( 839 actually as on 2023 August 16 😏) — and how do I know what to use ? That's why our team has been trying out these plugins and classifying them based on the utility and use case.

You can find this free list here in our github repo. (updated every few days )

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