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Keras Core , Llama — Huge Announcements this week !

Tom Tillo
2 min readJul 11, 2023

Couple of announcements this week are going to change the way we look at AI —

1. Announcement from the Keras Team—

This is big ! A few hours ago — the Keras team ( which gave us tf.keras ) announced the relase of the beta version of Keras Core . The deeplearning framework that supports both PyTorch and JAX in addition to TensorFlow.

We will soon be creating a step by step guide to getting you up to speed. As usual — aimed at creating an extremely user friendly guide — for the beginner DL practitioners.

Links here —

2. Llama from Facebook !

Facebook AI ( FAIR ) has released their newest LLM ( Llama-2 ) with 7B to 70B parameters. And it is open to public and even for commercial use !



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