Chat GPT4 — How to use custom instructions ?

How to get Personalized response from ChatGPT-4 using the “custom instructions” option and let the GPT4 remember it for ever

Tom Tillo
4 min readAug 5, 2023


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Chat GPT4 has taken the concept of steerability to a new level. You can customize the response you want to see from GPTChat.

In simple words Steerability , in the context of LLMs means, is the ability of the user to change / control the model’s behaviors ( by giving instructions) . eg: respond in a particular manner, change the language of response (if supported) , change the tone of the response etc.

The instructions in GPT3.5 were pretty much non-customizable and had the same tone. ( unless you specify / remind it every time you had a dialogue with it ) .This feature is only available for GPT 4 (the paid version )

But now you can now personalize the response from Chat GPT4 and it will remember the context for ever.

In this article we will see how it can be done and some sample use cases.

Here’s how to enable it . On the bottom left in your ‘Settings & Beta’, go to the ‘Beta features’.



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